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The technology needed for the application of the appearance

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The appearance of mobile phone technology requirements demand dispensing is very high, there is a little flaw will affect the customer experience, in order to meet the needs of all customers, the best choice for large-scale automatic dispenser dispensing equipment as mobile phone shell, because of the large automatic dispensing machine can use a lot of dispensing industry of high technology, so it is suitable for mobile phone shell dispensing, dispensing with what this technology?
Why is this glue dispenser a large automatic glue dispenser? In addition to large volume, because the configuration of the dispenser parts of many different parts, can provide different dispensing functions, such as wire rod controller, can control the mechanical arm washing adjustment; stepper motor, can control the mechanical arm movement speed and large power point self adhesive machine.
The large automatic glue dispenser can be applied to the shell of the mobile phone far more than such a function, or the most advanced glue technology in the market. The visual system, computer system, SCM, precise controller and solenoid valve and so on, these are the most appropriate configuration for large automatic dispensing machine, glue machine is generally not possible to use these accessories, the use of these accessories can provide a lot of glue points for large automatic dispensing machine.
These parts can be as large automatic dispensing technology provided by visual positioning, precise control, the quantity of cement, 0.001 mm accuracy, these were satisfied with the appearance of mobile phone production demand, large automatic dispensing machine production speed can reach 600 times per minute. These are the technologies that large dispensers can use, and many industries can meet the technology. The large automatic dispensing machine is known as the universal dispenser in the market.
It is a good choice to use a large automatic glue dispenser for the shell of the mobile phone. It really can be required to finish the glue.

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