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Microelectronic dispensing technology for large multi axis g

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Large multi axis dispensing machine has high dispensing technology, the use of accessories are the best production technology at home and abroad and become, dispensing accuracy in dispensing all the best equipment, no dispensing technology good, certainly can't be used in the microelectronics industry point glue, now for the accuracy of the microelectronics industry more stringent than the mobile phone industry.
The microelectronics industry are the smallest parts in the electronic industry, can use function is great, not the dispensing process can be a little bit error, use the glue dispensing machine and suction glue must be accurate so that it can play the effect of large multi axis dispensing appears, point glue machine uses single chip system and computer system the amount of glue to control well.
Have a high-tech control dispensing machine operation, the use of accessories also need good, ordinary parts even suck back glue dispensing machine issued orders, could not immediately suck back glue, it is the use of ordinary and great parts of the difference, regardless of the position of the parts are needed to use the top this combination of equipment, is a large multi axis dispensing machine is true, why the large dispensing expensive is this reason.
In microelectronic dispensing is not a simple matter, large multi axis dispensing machine can meet the needs of the industry not only in the dispensing speed, in the control of glue also is able to meet the needs of these industries, which can meet the effect of dispensing natural good, large multi axis dispensing machine using screw dispensing valve for dispensing, at home the production of the valve is the best screw dispensing valve, has a good effect for controlling glue, glue quantity can be controlled within 0.01ml, the electronic industry of large multi axis dispensing machine.

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