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What type of glue is needed for the base station box

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The base station does not belong to the hot glue dispensing box in the industry, there are few enterprises producing the dispensing equipment, for dispensing the use of what type or is not very clear, and some production base enterprises still use the manual dispensing box of old, do not know if there are large multi axis automatic dispensing machine for dispensing in this industry moreover, the effect of dispensing and speed is much higher than that of manual dispensing mode.
Large multi axis automatic dispensing machine in the base station box dispensing is using silica gel as the main glue, silica gel can play a role of sealing and waterproof. The base station box is easy to touch the water and use silica gel to seal the part which is afraid of water. Silica gel has good resistance. No matter how the weather changes, it will not be affected. The possibility of deformation is very low. The technology of using silica gel in large dispensing machine is also very high, which can speed up some dispensing speed.
The electronics industry is the use of large dispenser dispensing technology because it has superb, but also because of the ability to use silica gel, but still in favor of its technology, now there are many domestic dispensing machine can use silica gel, but the performance without large multi axis dispensing machine, glue machine good to meet a variety of models for dispensing, dispensing problems basically no, these are all factors to choose large dispenser.
In addition to the silica gel, can also use the hot melt glue, this requires the use of special valves, because hot melt adhesive need to be heated to a certain temperature, will melt into the glue used in the base station box package, not as long as the base station box burning, glue does not appear softening effect, two kinds of glue can be the use of large multi axle box base dispenser, use of large multi axis dispensing machine production well.

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