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Specific requirements of LED light tube for floor type dispe

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LED lamp industry is one of the main application industry now floor type automatic dispensing machine, due to relatively high requirements on dispensing, traditional dispensing mode is not suitable for production requirements now, and the LED lamp industry now than before the technology improves, dispensing requirements will also change. LED tube began to enter the high-end market, so floor type automatic dispensing machine also need to improve dispensing technology.
Cabinet floor dispensing machine
The dispensing machine can only meet the market demand, have development space, because the dispensing machine is making new dispensing equipment according to the market trend, so the LED lamp changes, will lead to the floor type automatic dispensing machine manufacturing technology change, this is the need to respond to the market, the transformation of LED lamp is also to cater to the market the demand.
In the system of mechanical equipment is always in the development and production of dispensing equipment, production and development experience have been more than 10 years of production experience of floor type automatic dispensing machine. LED lamp now no longer use light-emitting diode as a light source, but the use of fluorescent powder, fluorescent powder can help LED tube into the high-end market, the use of floor type automatic dispensing machine of these materials need to have specific manufacturing.
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Because now the high-end market profit is very large, often several times the profit of the low-end market, so many companies are looking to take the high road, floor type automatic dispensing machine production now has specific requirements, every manufacturers are not the same, so the choice of special customized dispensing machine made of. The direction of their industry clearly, so that it can make the appropriate dispensing equipment.
The specific technology of floor type automatic dispensing machine is particularly mature, and it is a good choice to choose dispensing machine in China made Machinery Co., ltd..
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