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Which dispenser accessories need to be used in Microelectron

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The dispensing needs of the microelectronics industry is still quite high, due to technical problems, many manufacturers are not involved in this industry, there are large automatic dispensing machine technology manufacturers, have the ability of dispensing such, many of the parts are manufactured using foreign technology, or dispensing effect is reached to perfect effect, dispensing is the pursuit of quality effect.
Large multi axis dispensing machine using screw type dispensing valve, the valve is a valve of the domestic production of the best, the highest precision dispensing, microelectronic dispensing using such valves to control the glue point, or very high, dispensing basically does not appear the question of what can be completed with good dispensing task.
The general power source driving a large dispensing machine are stepping motor and servo motor by step together, for the control of force is very fine, can control the large multi axis dispensing dispensing time, such technology companies are not come out of production, the use of these accessories are in need of more powerful, or not the dispensing function.
In large multi axis automatic microelectronic dispensing glue dispensing requires the use of accessories, such as: screw controller, manipulator controller, automatic cleaning device, these are must use accessories, equipment of large multi axis automatic dispensing machine is special, there are still a lot of accessories are able to use, or the dispensing effect is not so good.
The electronics industry uses large multi spindle dispenser, which is also a relatively suitable industry, because the large multi axis dispensing machine has excellent dispensing effect, so there are more enterprises to use.

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