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What's the good of the glue dispenser with double guideway

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The general automatic dispensing machine is composed of a control system, dispensing valve, operation panel, power switch, workbench, LCD touch screen and other components, and dispensing machine is based on the control system for dispensing work, can realize the little circle, line, arc and other irregular shapes, can not meet the industry demand, the use range of dispensing machine the relatively wide, in electronic components, loudspeaker box, power supply, power supply, switches and other products can use dispenser for dispensing work. Some of the automatic glue dispensers are equipped with two guides, so what are the advantages of using the double guideway glue machine to do the glue work?
The guide rail is assembled on the worktable. Generally, a desktop dispenser can be equipped with two slideways at most. When dispensing, we can place products needing glue on the workbench guide, open the power and adjust the dispensing parameters. The distance between the worktable and the dispensing needle can be aligned for dispensing. The glue dispenser with double guideway can be used alternately to make the glue work alternately. It is convenient to work with the product, and the speed of the glue is faster.
There are many kinds of automatic dispensing machines, such as desktop automatic glue dispenser, high speed automatic glue dispenser, multi axis automatic glue dispenser, etc. The desktop automatic dispensing machine models is relatively small, some desktop dispensing machine equipped with double guide rail, rail moving faster, but in the process of dispensing work best to check whether there are impurities, the guide if there is, the best first impurity cleaning up and then dispensing work, to avoid impurities affecting rail operation. The scope of the desktop dispenser is wide in electronic technology, Tongxu, industry can be used to, then the desktop automatic dispensing technology how to use? This can be questioned by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. 带手持控制器xf881娱乐手机版

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