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Use what type of automatic glue dispenser to glue in the chi

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There is a gap between the present level of manufacturing chip and other western developed countries, the top of the chip production technology is still monopolized by developed countries, in China's advantage in the cost control of the advantage of higher, there are a variety of different devices in the chip market, the production work required by dispensing dispensing package application of automatic dispensing equipment is essential, the type of automatic dispensing machine very much, there is no specific function in the application of automatic dispensing chip package dispensing link?
Automatic dispensing machine for different industries are all for the dispensing of the chip dispensing is mainly in order to make it have better effect and higher service life, the use of three axis automatic dispensing machine chip frame dispensing can meet more needs of users, using the three axis dispensing effectively strengthen the plastic precision, so that the glue can be accurately coated on the bonding surface, the chip can complete frame bonded to the protective effect on the outside of the chip, long-term use will not drop off a bad welding problem, at the same time to meet the high quality requirements of users and production of chips.
According to the communication industry is the high demand of fiber production, the market still exist on the fiber optic fiber core automatic dispensing machine for dispensing the imported precision stepper motor as the power system, make more efficient and stable dispensing link, the product has a very high consistency, support Chinese operation teaching box programming the working parameters, through the array of dispensing of the fiber stub workload guaranteed to meet user needs dispensing quality.
The appearance of the automatic glue dispenser helps most industries to complete the targeted coating work, full of functions and powerful performance.

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