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Maintenance work of three axis automatic glue dispenser

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Three axis automatic dispensing machine is mainly used in the dispensing package and other aspects, have the high performance high efficiency automatic dispensing characteristics, so that it can be used in many industry production, in order to make the three axis automatic dispensing machine has a better stability and higher service life, the maintenance work is essential, so how to correctly carry out maintenance on the three axis automatic dispensing machine?
Play an important role in the chip industry use automatic dispensing machine dispensing, the device with the normal maintenance effect is closely related to the operation, in the automatic dispensing process personnel should check whether the pressure gauge readings to meet production requirements, if the pressure is insufficient or unstable should be adjusted in time, avoid the dispensing process and affect the glue dispensing quality and this part, glue may be cured on the inner wall and affect the normal use in no normal flow. If there is no need for glue dispensing in the long run, the remaining glue should be removed and stored separately, and the storage cartridge will be cleaned to avoid the effect of dispensing again.
The application of the three axis automatic dispensing machine chip dispensing is very effective, not only for the storage tank, but also for the hose part.
The cleaning cycle regularly to develop three axis automatic dispensing machine is very important, in order to reduce the cleaning work input, usually use three axis automatic dispensing machine should pay attention to relevant matters needing attention, if the residue should be easily removed in the work platform, strengthen the three axis linkage point glue manipulator can add appropriate fluency the lubricating oil, and to get rid of the long-term accumulation of dust in the guide, in order to improve the service life and the work effect.

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