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The dispensing effect of the automatic glue dispenser is det

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Automatic dispensing machine is one of the most a dispensing equipment for use in the production of the dispensing, dispensing with the dispensing equipment dispensing efficiency, high quality, able to complete the production characteristics of the mass in the automation line. But the application scope expanding rapidly improve not only bring the market sales at the same time it also brings a series of the problem, for example: the effect of dispensing automatic dispensing problems, then these problems are brought about by what factors?
The first dispensing syringe size: in the actual work, dispensing needles size should be dispensing point diameter 1/2, the dispensing process, should be selected according to the size of PCB dispensing needle pad, pad for disparity to select different needles, so that we can guarantee the quality and improve the glue point. Production efficiency; second is how much the amount of glue: according to the working experience, the diameter of the glue dot size should be half pad spacing, patch adhesive dot diameter should be 1.5 times the diameter of the glue dot. In this way, we can ensure that there is enough glue to bond the element to avoid excessive glue dipping. The amount of dispensing is determined by the rotation time of the screw pump. In fact, the rotation time of the pump should be selected according to the production condition (room temperature, glue viscosity, etc.).
The third is the sticky problem of glue. The viscosity of glue is also a factor that can directly affect the dispensing effect. If the viscosity is large, the glue point will be smaller or even drawn. The viscosity will be smaller and the glue point will become bigger, and then it may stain the pad. In the process of dispensing, the proper back pressure and the speed of the glue should be selected for the glue of different viscosity.
In the process of glue dispensing, a full automatic glue dispenser can improve the effect of the glue 

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