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Application of spray automatic glue dispenser to high precis

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To build a large high-tech jet automatic dispensing machine application industry very much, according to the price is generally used in the high-end industry, because the price of jet type automatic dispensing machine is several times the ordinary dispensing machine, simple dispensing industry can use ordinary dispensing machines, the cost is relatively low, so to use precision injection type automatic dispensing machine the industry is generally not low or large batch production.
The price is equal with the performance, large jet type automatic dispensing machine not only can be used alone or the mode of production, can be applied to the production line, two models are able to play the performance of jet dispensing machine, production speed, such as the electronics industry production, electronic needs of mass production, the fastest mode of production is in the pipeline, high precision dispensing to make artificial, only use the dispenser, dispensing with injection and vision system for large jet automatic dispensing machine in the production line of dispensing the most appropriate.
For high precision dispensing dispensing equipment selection can't careless use, otherwise there will be a lot of problems, dispensing, dispensing machine is not why the other in the electronics industry for dispensing, dispensing accuracy and speed of production because there are no large-scale injection type automatic dispensing machine technology, production quality and dispensing speed are far more than the other equipment.
Choice of glue machine should be a large spray automatic dispensing machine such equipment, the general dispensing machine is not all need to be cleaned after the glue? But the jet dispensing machine has the function of automatic cleaning, fully realizing the full automatic production mode, ensuring the quality of dispensing and the same product, so we need to have this dispensing function in high-precision production line.

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