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What are the ways to improve the speed of the glue

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In integrated circuits, electronic parts, mobile phone keys, speakers and other products will use the dispensing technology, using the traditional artificial dispensing work in these products, not only need a large number of workers for dispensing products requiring high use manual dispensing is difficult to complete. At present, the traditional way of artificial dispensing can't meet the needs of these products. What are the ways to improve dispensing speed when doing glue dispensing?
Automatic glue dispenser
In order to improve the speed and quality of production in dispensing, dispensing work will be used for dispensing machine instead of manual work, but the type of dispensing machine more, such as: multi axis automatic dispensing machine, injection speed automatic dispensing machine vision dispensing machine, etc., these three kinds of dispensing machine there are some differences in the function of application etc. hand, can improve the dispensing speed in dispensing work but.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
Multi axis dispensing valve with multi axis automatic dispensing machine, simultaneous dispensing, dispensing with high efficiency; high speed dispensing dispensing machine faster, and dispensing precision is relatively high, the industry for more; and in front of two kinds of different jet dispensing machine, dispensing vision using non-contact dispensing. Dispensing speed faster, use a jet dispensing function to accelerate the speed of visual dispensing in the industry.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
In addition to the above three kinds of glue machine to improve the speed of the product, the other kind of glue dispenser can also improve the speed of the glue. But when the glue dispenser is selected, the glue should be selected according to the requirement of the glue, so that the glue is not suitable for the effect of the glue. After the use of the glue machine, it is best to clean the dispenser once, which can prolong the service life of the glue dispenser, and it is convenient for the next use.

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