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What technologies need to be used for semiconductor chips

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In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, other electronic zero devices will be used in addition to the use of chips. In these parts, welding technology can be used to glue parts to the main board for dispensing, which can increase the firmness of parts and motherboards and facilitate their use. In addition to the use of welding technology in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the glue technology can also be used.
The general dispensing technology will use automatic dispensing machine to complete, but can be used in automatic dispensing machine chip industry dispensing machine type dispensing more, for example: three axis automatic dispensing machine, high speed automatic dispensing machine, automatic jet dispensing machine, the three kinds of automatic dispensing machine work will be some difference, for example: three axis automatic dispensing machine is provided with a plurality of the dispensing valve or guide, dispensing with high efficiency; and dispensing speed automatic dispensing machine faster, and dispensing precision is relatively high; and more than two kinds of dispensing machine can jet dispensing machine is used for non-contact dispensing technology in semiconductor fabrication can be used to.
When assembling semiconductor, we can use three axis automatic dispensing machine chip for dispensing, or use other automatic dispensing machine to transport glue to the motherboard, so that the chip can be glued to the motherboard. But before dispensing with the automatic dispensing machine, it is better to choose suitable dispensing needles with the size of internal force according to the dispensing requirements, so as to avoid the amount of glue that is not suitable for affecting the dispensing effect.
Before the glue dispenser is used, the parameters need to be adjusted according to the requirement of the glue. The automatic cleaning machine needs regular cleaning or maintenance, which can prolong the service life of the glue dispenser and make the glue work easy.

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