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The difference between the ordinary glue mode and the spray

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Contact dispensing dispensing belongs to the most common mode of contact dispensing machine working principle is through the pressure driven flow into the glue dispensing valve, control valve according to the actual application of accurate control adhesive dispensing volume, most are dispensing equipment using ordinary contact dispensing, actually use and contact dispensing more widely, through non-contact dispensing can improve the yield and quality of products, the non-contact dispensing equipment is higher than the ordinary dispensing equipment price, but there are some differences between the two.
Contact dispensing ordinary glue extrusion into the dispensing valve, to control glue dispensing needle for para dispensing, so it is widely used in automatic production line, visual automatic dispensing machine to enhance the accuracy and quality of contact dispensing, dispensing glue with visual positioning more uniform and meticulous, can be coated path for many products, to ensure the stable and efficient dispensing process, do not glue partial leakage glue.
In the aspect of the product through non adhesive contact methods highlight the effect through the automatic injection valve atomizing of glue, the glue can spray mist with a large area on the surface of the product, the application effect in adhesive product is more comprehensive, through the use of jet dispensing machine to strengthen the effect of coating and the bonding effect, without implementation of Z axis glue, to a certain extent to enhance the efficiency of dispensing process, comprehensive application of glue to enhance the effect of the use of consumables, so the effect of dispensing jet dispensing machine is more suitable for use in the production line of high demand.
China is still at a distance from the western developed countries in dispensing technology. Now it has entered the research and development of non-contact dispensing technology. I believe that in the near future, the dispensing technology of jet dispenser will be more comprehensive.

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