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Which industry can use three axis automatic glue dispenser

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Three - axis automatic glue dispenser is one of the automatic glue dispensers, with high efficiency. Can realize the drawing circle, line, arc and irregular curve, and so on, can meet the demand of different industry. So the three - axis automatic glue dispenser is suitable for use in those industries?
1. Electronic industry
Parts of the electronics industry, chips, instruments and other products will be used to glue technology and glue two kinds of products together by glue. If the use of traditional manual dispensing work in the electronics industry, need time and energy consumption will be more prone to leakage, thus affecting the quality of production phenomena such as glue products etc.. In order to reduce labor productivity, the electronic industry will use three - axis automatic glue dispenser instead of the traditional manual dispensing work, and the speed of the glue is faster.
2, LED lighting industry
In the LED display, LED energy-saving lamps, and other products will use the induction coil to three axis automatic dispensing machine, but the glue used in these products are more species, and the requirements for the product dispensing quantity will be difference, so the use of the three axis automatic dispensing machine, dispensing products need to according to the requirements the appropriate size of dispensing needles, avoid dispensing glue volume inappropriate influence dispensing work.
3. Packaging industry
In addition to the use of instruments, parts and other products, the application technology of the three axis automatic glue dispenser can also be used. Three axis automatic dispensing machine has good vacuum suction function, without the need for dispensing the case, press the suction button to avoid glue phenomenon, can guarantee the quality of dispensing products. But in use, press the button after the suction or glue dispensing machine, can check whether the use of glue quality, convenient for dispensing work.

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