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The chip packaging technology on board can use the glue disp

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On chip chip packaging technology is one of the packaging technologies in the integrated circuit industry. In the packaging process, epoxy resin is needed to attach the chip to the motherboard, which can enhance the stability of the IC. It can be seen that the technology of point to point is needed in packaging technology, but there are many kinds of dispensing machines. What are the dispensing machines that can be used in chip packaging technology?
1. A desktop automatic glue dispenser
Desktop automatic glue machine can also be called the desktop automatic glue dispenser, the general model is relatively small, suitable for some small products to spot glue. The tabletop glue machine is based on the control system to make the glue work, and the speed of the glue is fast. The dispensing function realizes points, lines, circles and other curves, which can meet the needs of different industries and is suitable for the use of chip packaging technology.
2, multi axis automatic glue dispenser
From the name, it can be seen that the multi axis automatic dispensing machine is equipped with multiple glue valves, which can point all the glue in one time and the glue is efficient. It can not only improve the efficiency of the glue, but also guarantee the quality of the product. Compared with the desktop dispensing machine, the multi axle dispensing machine has a large type. Although one employee needs to operate in the dispensing process, the dispensing efficiency of a multi axis dispensing machine is several times higher than the dispensing efficiency of a staff.
3. Precision dispensing machine
The precise dispensing machine can also be called the creeping dispensing machine. The dispensing accuracy is relatively high, but the amount of glue dispensing is relatively small. The general precision dispensing machine is suitable for use in products with high gel output and high density. And the chip encapsulation technology is less required for the glue dispenser, which can be used in the process of dispensing.

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