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What kind of glue dispenser is the high speed jet valve

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With the continuous improvement of dispensing technology, the application of jet dispensing technology more widely, non-contact dispensing technology has more advantages than the traditional work contact methods, can help manufacturers improve the yield and quality of products, high speed injection valve is automatic jet dispensing machine working parts, plays an important role in the spraying work in.
Jet dispensing can complete the production link in many aspects of the work, the user can use a jet dispensing machine to strengthen the effect of coating and coating quality, the internal configuration of the high-speed jet valve through a voltage driven mechanical force of glue can uniformly and stably ejected glue after atomization treatment can high-speed jet of fine spray liquid, to complete to meet the demand of quality products covering the adhesive on the surface of the product, the end of the piezoelectric material charging valve is opened for glue spray, piezoelectric materials on the upper end of the charging control can stop.
High speed jet valve to achieve non-contact spray glue, the multi-function high precision characteristics, suitable for a variety of fluid jet glue, the highest injection rate is 500 times per second, due to the non-contact spray so there is no need to perform Z axis, the dispensing working time saved to a certain extent and improve the production to ensure the production capacity, glue coating effect is more uniform and correct,
The design structure of the high speed jet valve is convenient for operators to carry out cleaning and maintenance, and the parts replacement time is short. It can improve the production line's dispensing efficiency and quality, the ejection efficiency is higher, and the glue dots are more uniform and comprehensive, and the bonding area and adhesive strength of products are strengthened.
The working effect of the automatic injection molding machine can not be separated from the help of the high speed injection valve, and the high speed injection valve can help the user to improve the quality of production.

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