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Use of black glue to pay attention to the problem of multi a

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Black gum is a kind of glue. Different from the name, the color of black glue is generally white and transparent, but the viscosity of black glue is relatively large. Using this glue to glue products can ensure product stability. The multi axis dispenser is also one of the dispensing machines. The multi axis dispenser is equipped with many dispensing valves, the dispensing efficiency is relatively high, and the multi axis dispensing function is used to improve the production efficiency of the chip packaging on the board. So what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when the multi - axis automatic glue dispenser uses black glue to spot the glue?
Because the black glue viscosity is relatively large, so in the dispensing process according to the requirements to choose appropriate dispensing needles, avoid glue is not suitable for the effect of dispensing work; multi axis dispensing machine is made according to the control system for dispensing work, in order to facilitate the operation, dispensing machine equipped with the controller, the power is turned on, the staff according to the requirement of dispensing debugging if the back pressure dispensing, dispensing back pressure is too large easy to debug using the amount of gum excessive overflow, thus affecting the dispensing work.
In the black glue dispensing work using multi axis automatic dispensing machine, first check the quality of the best use of black adhesive glue is qualified, if the quality is not qualified, in the dispensing process because of the glue dispensing needle clogging impurities, thus affecting the dispensing work; in order to facilitate the operation of multi axis dispensing machine in a vacuum suction button in the dispensing condition, can activate this button, avoid glue phenomenon.
After using multi axis dispensing machine, we can select suitable detergent according to the properties of black gum to clean the dispensing machine once. It can extend the service life of dispensing machine and facilitate the next use.

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