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Does the glue dispensing function of the multi axis glue mac

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Dispensing technology has long been engaged in the industry's attention, through the dispensing technology can enhance the product between the bond strength and bond effect, in addition to outside bonding can also be applied to enhance the value of a more comprehensive industry production, such as potting and filling can be performed by a multi axis multi axis dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine with high performance the characteristics, can meet requirements of most industry production.
Multi axis dispensing machine using anode made of aluminum, Seiko manufacturing has a practical and working life is higher than the ordinary dispensing machine, imported synchronous belt make the dispensing process more smoothly, to support the teaching device to adjust the parameters according to the connection operation, can change the working parameters of the actual needs, such as glue, glue time etc. all can be adjusted, coating can point line surface such as path filling, applicable industry to further expand, operation is simple and easy to use for beginners.
Multi axis dispensing machine in the dispensing problem battery box mainly comes from the quantity of cement can not be accurately controlled, can connect the dispensing controller, dispensing controller can according to the operator's needs adjustment, through the digital display pressure dispensing product quality improved accordingly, solve the problem of glue dispensing quantity can not be accurately controlled by multi axis.
The operating personnel required for normal operation for multi axis dispensing machine to complete dispensing work more comprehensive, the chip package dispensing requires high precision by multi axis multi axis automatic dispensing machine, glue dispensing system can be completely filled in the chip, and avoid the chip packaging part of the glue supply control effect is poor the disadvantage that overflow, the chip package quality has been improved accordingly.

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