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How much production speed can be increased by multi axis glu

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The battery box is a special tool for the storage battery, the battery placed in the battery box to provide working power supply equipment, plays an important role in the practical application, the application of multi axis dispensing machine makes the sealing effect of the battery box has been further improved, to improve the quality of the use of multi axis dispensing machine for dispensing help battery the box production process, the use of multi axis dispensing function in the battery box production work to raise the number of production speed?
The majority of links in the production of dispensing battery box by performing manual mode, the manual dispensing have many defects, the quantity of cement can not accurately control lead to overflow leakage problems prone to the production process, at the same time, the excessive use of the glue consumption costs, efficiency and artificial point is difficult to meet the high demand for rubber production line the. The multi spindle dispensing function is used to increase the speed of the battery box dispensing link, and the multi axis linkage dispensing function fills the battery box with glue completely. Through the quantitative dispensing, it can enhance the use effect of the glue and reduce the input cost of the user in the production process of the battery box.
Multi axis high-speed dispensing machine adopts the imported precision step motor drive, enhance the efficiency and stability of dispensing work, full automatic working mode greatly reduces the manpower needs of operation, help to more accurately control the quantity of cement and glue glue is precision, efficiency of the common people by several times.
A more suitable interactive pin type dispensing valve is selected for the battery box dispensing multi axis dispensing machine, which is dispensed with a variety of universal glue to make the production quality and efficiency of the battery box further improved.

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