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Which industry requirements can be met by the precision of t

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Multi axis automatic glue dispenser is the only one in the market. In dispensing process, dispensing machine can instead of manual dispensing. Dispensing machine has wide application scope, and dispensers can be used in electronic parts, LED lighting components, toy making, automotive parts and other industries. Besides, there are many kinds of dispensing machines. Different kinds of dispensers have different density. What are these different precision dispensers suitable for those products?
The dispensing speed of the multi axis automatic glue dispenser is faster, and the precision of the glue dispenser is also high, which can be used in the chip industry. The use of high-speed automatic dispensing machine chip industry. Can improve the production efficiency and the quality of dispensing, but before using the dispensing machine according to the requirement of product dispensing requires the selection of appropriate dispensing needle size, avoid glue inappropriate affect the product quality.
Three - axis automatic glue machine can also be called a desktop automatic glue dispenser, which can be used in the direction of X, Y and Z. The precision of the glue is high. The three axis dispensing machine has a wide range of applications. Besides the use of parts and instruments, the application technology of three axis automatic dispensing machine can also be used, for example, packaging technology. But when using three axis dispensing machine for dispensing products, it is better to adjust dispensing parameters according to the requirements of dispensing, so as to avoid errors in parameter debugging and dispensing.
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine is equipped with many dispensing valves, dispensing speed is fast, and dispensing accuracy is relatively high. Mechanical arm can be used to grab products for dispensing work, which has wide application scope.

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