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Spray type dispenser can be used for adhesive coating on ele

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Electronic equipment should all be very understand, but do not understand the electronic equipment dispensing work, only in this industry may know more clearly, the coating of general electronic industry is to use a jet dispensing machine, to ensure that every corner of electronic boards have glue, prevent glue defects, which affect the quality of the products.
The appropriate dispensing machine can make the effect of dispensing double reason dispensing machine so much that is on the market, it also offers the option of dispensing machine to increase the difficulty of many enterprises do not know what type of dispenser can be applied to these industries, which increases the difficulty of the choice of dispensing, dispensing any is a dispensing performance different, electronic industry. The best choice of jet dispensing machine.
Jet type automatic dispensing machine can make the dispensing effect is obviously improved, after the baptism of time, dispensing machine manufacturing technology more good, more to meet the production and use of glue dispensing industry, electronic board glue coating is the use of relatively low concentration, the concentration is difficult to control, the injection valve can be controlled in a range this will be fine.
Use a jet automatic glue dispensing and coating are relatively good results, these data are used in dispensing machine manufacturers feedback, using the dispensing machine is of course in order to make the dispensing speed increase, otherwise the cost will not buy these products, jet automatic glue machine use will not live up to the expectations of the enterprise. But you need to choose the correct dispensing equipment, then system automation equipment Co., this small only guarantee, because the market production dispenser manufacturers very much, there are many manufacturers of technology are good and bad, so I do not know whether to choose the correct manufacturers.

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