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What kind of glue machine is used on the touch screen of mob

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At present, the mobile phone production process is very detailed and precise, with a high degree of integration, dispensing the use of what kind of need to use glue and dispensing accuracy and decision, dispensing equipment large automatic dispensing machine is based on the touch screen mobile phone needs to choose from, also known as mobile phone touch screen dispensing machine.
Mobile phone touch screen (touch screen dispensing machines English abbreviation "TP") is a manufacturer of high precision dispensing equipment, combined with a variety of accessories dispensing machine manufacture technology and the use of high-end products to build out, such as visual precision positioner, height sensor, MCU control, stepper and servo motor, high speed injection valve and the high precision dispensing valve, high precision screw screen controller and so on, glue dispensing accuracy of mobile phone touch are provided according to these accessories.
With high-end accessories, of course there will be high quality dispensing technology and speed, mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine transport speed can reach 1000mm/min, X/Y 0.03mm, Z axis 0.02mm axis to the running speed of the three axis, the average can reach 1200mm/s mobile phone touch screen and so on, the basic requirements are able to meet the needs of the dispensing, large-scale automatic dispensing machine for dispensing quality to be satisfied.
Mobile phone touch screen dispensing system is made in accordance with the demand for mobile phone frame, dispensing requirements are very clear, choose the appropriate dispensing machine for production, the product for their assurance, especially for very high precision industry, dispensing accuracy is for product quality assurance, choose the dispensing machine is generally not so the technology, if the mobile phone touch screen dispensing machine demand, performance consulting and in-depth understanding of large-scale automatic dispensing machine, is able to meet the demand of touch panel glue frame.

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