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Quality and speed of glue dispensing for large automatic glu

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Dispensing speed and quality is the core performance of large-scale automatic dispensing machine, and also the relationship between the dispensing machine is able to meet the needs of customers, dispensing equipment produced are required for performance testing and quality testing, not up to standard is not possible to sell more inspection standard for large automatic dispensing machine is strictly, this is why can be applied to the mobile phone touch screen frame dispensing.
Dispensing speed large automatic dispensing machine can reach 700mm/min, which is the actual speed of dispensing, there is a great difference with the theory is that the amount of daily production of mobile phone is very large, dispensing speed will seriously affect the production effect, will also affect the profits of enterprises, in the rapid dispensing process but can not ignore the dispensing quality, start is a very difficult thing.
With the development of dispensing machine manufacturing technology, mobile phone touch screen dispensing machine is also gradually developed, is a basic mobile phone industry development, mobile phone is from now to the mechanical manual dispensing dispensing, dispensing, to produce large automatic dispensing machine, dispensing equipment for dispensing quality and dispensing velocity to control strictly in accordance with the requirements of the production control, only the current large-scale high-quality automatic dispensing machine.
Mobile phone touch screen dispensing machines are used with visual system equipment, such as: desktop visual automatic dispensing machine and large automatic dispensing machine, two models are capable of dispensing mobile phone screen, is a desktop screen, illustrates the industry for dispensing accessories for dispensing machine is very high, is not ordinary dispensing equipment complete dispensing task, because the mobile phone screen for precision to reach 0.01mm or less, or a large number of production, so the use of general dispensing is not dispensing task, not to mention to the quality and speed of dispensing dispensing.

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