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Camera module dot glue desktop automatic glue dispenser

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Desktop visual automatic dispensing point camera module is able to meet the requirements of the dispensing, because of the many ordinary dispensing machine no accessories, such as visual positioning system and height detector and so on, so in camera module with dispensing effect is very good, can also be used in other modules can glue dispensing machine. But the price is to use the desktop automatic dispensing chance.
Use each dispenser first need to meet the requirements of the industry, and considering the price, the precision of desktop vision automatic glue dispensing type to 0.001mm, repeatability error in 0.01mm range, is able to meet the requirements of the camera module dispensing, performance control glue or make with the visual system can not only better chance of dispensing. Detect the quality of the adhesive dots, also can detect the glue overflow problem, can prevent a lot of things to happen, this is the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine advantage.
The camera module is composed of multiple parts based on some, is undoubtedly increase the difficulty of dispensing, dispensing the use of general desktop can not complete the task because the camera module for dispensing, dispensing with ordinary dispensing products are not the same, so the automatic glue machine used is not the same, or the use of large automatic dispensing machine price expensive, or use a more favorable price and good performance of the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine.
In addition to the accuracy of the camera module for high speed dispensing is not low, because the electronic product cycle is very short, as long as the production of slow sales will affect the June quarter, so the use of desktop visual automatic dispensing machine and the benefits of this equipment dispensing speed can reach 700 times per second, ten seconds able to complete a camera module dispensing.

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