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What kind of glue is used by the infrared light glue injecti

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The dispensing industry is now increasingly rapid development, with the development of other industries, the use of dispensing technology industry is also increasing, so the dispensing technology also conducted a major reform, from the previous poor dispensing, dispensing to now, there is great progress, such as infrared dispensing, using infrared jet dispensing machine production for the quality of the product will be improved.
The infrared is not visible light, as long as it is not lower than 273 degrees Celsius below zero emit infrared in the detection time of the infrared, need to use special tools, infrared light source detector, this is a recognition of the infrared instrument, and infrared alarm infrared are similar, the machine will ring, in the production of the infrared detector is the use of special materials, the panel as the recognizer, the recognizer is in its adhesion on the detector so only use the dispenser for dispensing adhesive.
Jet infrared automatic dispensing machine in the dispensing time, need to debug, debug the injection valves, but also pay attention to the glue dispensing injection does not appear too much lead panel is covered with glue, if the precision of the panel, you need precision dispensing, dispensing valve with thimble type infrared light source injection automatic dispensing machine, and stainless steel needle for dispensing, debugging using micrometer thimble type dispensing valve dispensing process, debugging after the installation of stainless steel needles, all installed in dispensing.
For infrared light source spray dispensing machine maintenance is also very critical. During maintenance, clean up the Y axis to see if there is any glue dispensing, resulting in glue sprayed onto the Y axis of the dispenser, if there is residual glue, please clean up in time.

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