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Large flow type dispensing valve can be assembled for contin

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Uninterrupted dispensing is one of the necessary technologies for automatic dispensing. Automatic dispensing does not require manual operation. Uninterrupted dispensing technology is particularly important. The dispensing equipment manufactured in China can meet the uninterrupted demand of production, such as the socket and base sealing of hot water kettle. Both have the function of continuous dispensing.
Silicone dispenser
Meet the demand for dispensing in the industry
硅胶点胶阀 Ultraviolet dispensing machine is used in hot pot socket, because dispensing needs to use silica gel, so it is the best to configure silica gel dispensing valve and UV dispensing machine, which can meet the demand of large flow dispensing and uninterrupted dispensing. This should be the manufacturer's production demand, so as to meet the bottom of the kettle. The amount of gel used for layer seal.
Silicone dispensing valve
热水壶点胶 Characteristics of UV dispensing machine
The biggest characteristic of UV dispensing machine is the use of silica gel dispensing valve, because this is a special use of silica gel equipment, rubber valves and machines are the same, are to meet the needs of silica gel use, and hot water kettle socket dispensing is the use of silica gel, so the use of UV glue production is the most appropriate, can achieve a large amount of continuous dispensing demand. The sealing effect of the bottom of the kettle is also up to its requirements, which is not much different from that of the hot melt adhesive.
Hot water dispenser dispensing
Properties of silica gel
Silica gel special properties, the use of other dispensing valves can not be gummed, only the use of silicone dispensing valve and UV dispensing machine to be able to carry out uninterrupted dispensing, to ensure the quality of hot water kettle socket gum dispensing, it is necessary to choose such dispensing technology, the use of such technology dispensing price is not high, the price of products manufactured in China is at About 10,000, and the price of silicone dispensing valve is more than 200, is a relatively cheap accessories, because the dispensing technology in this industry has been very mature, so the price is relatively low, but also can achieve 24-hour continuous dispensing.

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