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Non contact automatic dispensing machine for flexible circui

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In Chinese, the government in order to deal with the impact of a series of international economic environment, is to implement a proactive fiscal policy and to strengthen efforts to support one of the electronics industry is the government vigorously the development of the industry, the flexible circuit board as an important product in the electronics industry, the market demand is very large, the flexible circuit board production process generally use the non-contact automatic dispensing machine auxiliary production.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine
Non contact type automatic dispensing glue accurately to the object function through the comprehensive coating and can be applied to various fluid colloid on the object surface to achieve accurate spraying work, can accurately control the quantity of cement, can help the user to a large area of glue coating work, there is no need to perform Z axis moving back and forth directly save a part of the cost of dispensing time, users can achieve a variety of high efficiency production work, in some high repeatability in the production line has been widely used.
Injection type automatic dispensing machine
In the production process of the flexible circuit board to the welding work on dispensing all objects, and the traditional contact methods easy to scratch, will directly affect the normal use of the circuit board and affect the appearance of the non-contact dispensing can avoid direct contact with the dispensing objects, avoid scratching objects, ensure good products rate, and no glue drawing, make the appearance of objects further enhance dispensing process.
At present, the non-contact dispensing is a common dispensing mode of modern industrial production line, this kind of contact dispensing dispensing have more advantages compared with traditional methods, can help manufacturers achieve high efficiency of production, so the dispensing equipment manufacturer mainly for the R & D and production equipment, such as the flexible circuit board of this kind of special items can be used by non for dispensing work contact automatic dispensing machine.
Injection type automatic dispensing machine

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