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Multi axis dispenser's coating technology, which is the best

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What is the coating process, what industries need to use the coating process, know what is called coating process? For example, coating, painting, gluing and so on, these are among the coating process, that is, on the surface of the product glue, so that it plays a protective and fixed role, such as: Chinese manufacturers use multi-axis dispensing machine for CPU fan glue, is the use of coating process.
旋转型全xf881娱乐手机版 Rotary automatic dispensing machine
CPU fan coating technology
In the past, the PUC fan glue used to be manually glued, the surface of the product coated with glue, to ensure that the fan in the use of the process will not be affected by dust, but also to ensure service life, the film is these advantages, but the coating to pay attention to technology, so as to complete the dispensing task in CP U-fan glue coating has been used multi-axis precision dispensing machine to achieve its coating process, multi-axis coating at the same time, one-time to complete the fan glue coating, glue control in place, manual brushing method is stronger.
多轴点胶机 Four axis dispenser
Pay attention to the use of glue
The trouble with using a multi-axis precision dispensing machine to coat the CPU fan is how to change the silicone grease, because the silicone grease needs to be configured, each configuration is impossible to complete the same, before replacing the need to clean the front of the silicone grease, you can use solution cleaning, can also use water cleaning, in the absence of solid It is difficult to change the glue after solidification because there is no good way to change the glue before solidification. It is necessary to use special solution and how to change the silicone grease. Just like this, don't worry too much. The multi-axis dispensing machine also uses silicone grease. It can be used for CPU fan gluing. The high-end dispensing machine with good performance has better coating technology. And we have done all kinds of experiments before they can be sent to manufacturers.
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Multi spindle dispenser
Coating process that can be realized
Of course, we will find the most suitable parts and methods to complete the coating process for the multi-axis dispensing machine, and the medium-sized production has been spraying process, is also prepared for the coating process, CPU fan glue coating accuracy is not high. Multi-axis precision dispensing machine is enough to complete, can not still have spraying technology, high-precision spraying technology than multi-axis dispensing machine technology 10 times higher, of course, the price is more expensive, in fact, spraying technology, in some industries is better, can improve the dispensing performance of products.

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