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Use the large dispensing function to mix the AB glue automat

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  Large dispensing machine parts are more uniform, so when using this dispensing machine to fill the car sensor glue, AB glue will automatically be mixed with it? Let's get together with Xiaobian.
AB glue

  Does the large dispensing function automatically mix AB glue?

  The glue pressure bucket in the large dispensing machine is equipped with a B glue, so it is also equipped with a B glue bucket. Customers who know a B glue should know that a B glue can also be called two-component glue. It is a common industrial glue. This glue will only produce curing reaction after the contact of a and B fluids. It is convenient for AB glue dispensing, and will be used in rubber glue dispenser when it is glued with automobile sensor. The large AB dispensing machine is equipped with two glue pressure buckets. During the filling process of the automobile sensor, the pressure bucket in the dispensing machine transports the AB glue to the AB glue drum, and then spreads the glue mixture to the automobile sensor through the AB glue drum to complete the production work.
Large AB dispensing machine

  Mixing ratio of AB glue ratio

  The curing speed of AB glue has a very close relationship with its proportion, so the proportion of AB glue should be paid attention to. There are many ways to mix the proportion of ab glue. In the case of general filling, the ratio of 4:1 can be used to achieve the best production effect of AB glue filling, while large dispensing machine has glue. The water mixing function can mix the AB glue automatically when working, so in normal circumstances, before filling the automobile sensor glue, the working AB glue proportion is set by the control system, when the glue flows to the AB glue drum of the large AB glue dispensing machine according to a certain proportion, the filling will be completed automatically.
AB glue
  Ab glue can be used in the filling process of automotive sensor. Large-scale AB glue dispensing machine can be used to complete the production work. It is only necessary to determine the type of AB glue drum and the production quality of an aerated automotive sensor.

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