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The main function of silicone rubber and the dispensing mach

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The role of silicone rubber is better, applied in the industry can be sealed, dispensing, filling rubber, but to play the role of silicone rubber needs to understand its characteristics and use the requirements of dispensing machine, in understanding the main performance of silicone gel at the same time to achieve use, which machine is indispensable to a machine, what silicone What is the function and function of glue? And that dispensing machine meets the requirements.
Silica gel is a special glue.
Silica gel is a special kind of glue in dispensing industry. Because of its good performance, the Chinese manufacturer specially developed a kind of glue valve for this kind of glue, called silica gel dispensing valve, which only meets the requirements of silica gel, especially silica gel can be divided into two-liquid glue and single-liquid glue. Generally, the use of two-component glue filling machine will use two components, and the use of silicone rubber is not, need to use a dispensing machine with a silicone dispensing valve for glue filling, otherwise there will be glue bonding problems and glue blockage, is more special.
The role of silica gel
硅胶点胶阀 Silicone rubber filling and packaging is the role of silicone rubber, silicone with heat resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, non-conductive and good activity, many industries need to use silicone gel, although automotive flasher needs filling technology, but the silicone dispensing valve opening is large, can carry out a large number of glue, so meet the requirements of automotive flasher filling, not. The use of two-component glue filling machine can also meet the production needs, will not lead to glue bonding problems and glue clogging.
Causes of production problems
Glue bonding problems are generally caused by chemical reaction between glue and material or glue storage time is too long. The occurrence of glue bonding problems will directly affect the performance of dispensing machine, but also cause parts loss, not conducive to production. There are many reasons for glue blockage, such as silicone rubber and catalyst mixing, there will be a certain period of time coagulation phenomenon, which will directly lead to glue blockage, the use of glue, not only to understand its role, but also to understand the nature, so as to be able to perfect dispensing or filling.
Organosilicon rubber is such a role, need to use silicone gel dispensing machine for dispensing, in order to achieve automotive flash filling requirements, the use of professional bi-component glue filling machine but no effect, which has a greater relationship with the glue properties.

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