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Spray glue dispenser is used for non-contact glue spraying o

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The main board spray glue can use two kinds of technologies. First, non-contact dispensing technology, second, spray technology, the first technology can carry out parts dispensing, and the second is spray film, that is, to protect the motherboard from dust corrosion, to ensure the stability of the motherboard, two kinds of technology are able to spray glue on the main board.
Jet dispensing is high in cost and the main recommendation is general dispensing.
The gantry spray dispensing machine is really a very high quality dispensing equipment, high-precision spraying technology to win the approval of customers, but the cost of purchasing this equipment is too high, if it is not necessary to need spray dispensing machine, will not recommend the use of this equipment, generally using automatic dispensing machine for dispensing can, for example Like the computer motherboard, we do not need glue spray technology. We also recommend that customers use spray technology. The cost of using spray technology is relatively low.
龙门喷射式点胶机 Choose which technology to spray glue on computer motherboard.
Main board glue spraying or according to the actual operation to decide which production technology to use, different from the data line glue coating, the industry can also use ordinary dispensing machine to complete production requirements, no longer use a high-speed dispensing valve automatic dispensing machine, our previous customer production is using three-axis automatic dispensing machine for production coating. The glue, the effect is still full, the motherboard spraying glue is different, need to know too much, if not done well, especially the loss of products, the manufacturers are also unfavorable.
高速点胶阀 Two types of high-speed dispensing valves
Gantry spray dispensing machine uses high-speed dispensing valve, different from the ordinary type, the price of this valve is about 2000, the way is spray, also known as spray dispensing valve, with rapid dispensing effect, so many people are called high-speed dispensing valve, but the name is the same, the production mode is different, motherboard Spray glue and data line glue are used for different types of high-speed dispensing valves.

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