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What kind of bonding technology is used to make the reversin

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Back-up camera is a very small product, size specifications are generally about 1cm * 1cm, which adhesive precision needs to achieve how high to meet the requirements, this is not dispensing accuracy 1cm, and the overall size is 1cm, machine dispensing accuracy must not be higher than 0.03mm, otherwise it is basically unable to meet the Backup Camera bonding requirements Demand, dispensing industry is so real.
Select glue for large dispensing machine.
Xiaobian can only recommend the use of large-scale visual dispensing machine for dispensing, why, because the visual dispensing system to meet the requirements of the backing camera bonding, so can only use such equipment for production, which is similar to the backing radar sensor sealant machine type, are using high-end machines for dispensing. Glue.
The adhesive technology used is sealing technology.
Bonding technology is similar to more, which technology is used with the company production has some relationship, analogy dispensing, sealing, sealing? The main function is to protect the camera, and then this is to seal the lid with the camera, similar to USB socket bonding, the aluminum cover bonded to the USB interface, leakage and damage prevention, many advantages.
Glue matching method
There is a premise that the bonding of backing cameras can be completed by using sealing technology. That is the problem of glue ratio. The glue ratio of backing radar sensor is 2:1. Why backing cameras? According to the data, 3:1 glue matching effect is the best, which is related to material issues. Plastic bonding effect will be stronger, especially easy to stick. Adding more A glue can strengthen the bonding ability. Reversing radar sensor is a iron shell, B glue is more, curing effect will increase, sealing effect will be stronger.

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