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AB glue can improve the quality of viscose by sealing the ra

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Which type of machine and glue can be selected for the sealant of reversing radar sensor to help product quality? It is a success that we choose an AB glue to bond the material used for the reversing radar sensor, which can improve the quality of the glue without causing other problems.
Difficulty in using double glue for jet valve
AB spray dispensing machine belongs to a special kind of machine. It can be said that at present, in addition to the neutral dispensing machine, there is no manufacturer will produce this type of machine. Do you know why? Because the use of AB glue and jet valve is very difficult, especially prone to blockage, and the glue concentration is relatively large, generally not in line with the use of jet valve, so few manufacturers will produce AB glue spray dispenser, but in order to meet the backing radar sensor sealing requirements, plus customer needs such as. Equipment, medium system began to study, after a "struggle", the result is still very good.
The type of glue used between products is different.
Glue is the necessary condition for dispensing products. Whether the sealant quality of reversing radar sensor reaches the most important is not AB spray dispensing machine. Whether the type of glue meets the demand or not can meet the demand of production. The same is true for USB socket bonding. If the type of glue chosen is not good, the dispensing effect will be greater. Difference, this is why the use of product dispensing, before dispensing, we have to mix the glue, before starting to produce dispensing equipment.
The type of glue used in USB socket bonding is different from that used in backing radar sensor, and the use of spray dispensing machine is also different. There will be great differences, especially dispensing valves. According to many different products, it is the same to choose any product. Dispensing equipment is not the first choice. Choose good glue and choose again. Choosing glue is the main factor to improve bonding quality.

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