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Before using the kettle outlet, we need to know the operatio

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The dispensing of hot pot socket is not a simple problem. The main task of dispensing is to achieve product stability. The selection of dispensing equipment is very important. It is also important to understand the operation problems. If you can not meet the production requirements, do not choose such technology for production. The dispensing of hot pot socket needs to ensure the quality, because something happens. So it is very serious, so the selection and operation of dispensing technology is particularly important.
Selection of automation equipment glue advantage
At present, many manufacturers choose the way of uninterrupted dispensing, which means that automatic dispensing, such as mobile screen dispensing machine for mobile phone dispensing, is also the way of uninterrupted dispensing, which can quickly complete the dispensing task, and the effect of automatic dispensing is very good, the advantages of gluing can also be brought into play, and the right technology can be selected. There will be a qualitative improvement in technology, which is the original intention of our production machine, if the choice of technology or machine is incorrect, which will have a great impact on dispensing.
Continuous dispensing function to increase production speed
Uninterrupted dispensing needs technical support, hot pot socket dispensing is the same, if not solve the technical problems, the operation technology is good, can not meet the needs of production, such as mobile screen dispensing machine, are based on product dispensing requirements, so as to have advantages for product production, can not be satisfied. Finding the quality of gelatin in the socket of hot pot is the only way to ensure the safety of life. This is the original intention of our production of automatic dispensing machine.
点胶机 Solution for hot kettle socket
How to solve the problem of using the kettle socket dispensing operation? Firstly, we need to configure dispensing machines to meet the needs, such as mobile phone industry using screen dispensing machine, and hot pot socket needs to use three-axis dispensing machine, and then fitted with special fixed molds, before we can meet the needs of dispensing hot pot socket.

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