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PVC dispensing machine with visual system can improve the qu

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In fact, there are several methods for dispensing hanging tags, because hanging tags include many types, so the technology used will certainly be different, for example, the glue used for dispensing baggage hanging tags is PVC glue, while the hanging tags on clothes are using spray paint technology, dispensing technology in different industries will also be very different, hanging tags dispensing is not. It's easy.
PVC glue use
PVCxf881兴发手机版入口 It is reasonable to use suitable dispensing equipment to improve the qualified rate of products. The use of PVC visual dispensing machine greatly increases the dispensing effect of baggage tag. This is because it meets the demand of PVC glue, so the dispensing effect will be improved qualitatively. This is why we choose suitable dispensing equipment as the production machine, PV. C glue is also a very characteristic type of glue, which needs to be "baked" in microwave oven before use, which can give full play to the nature of glue.
A machine that can improve the dispensing efficiency of hanging Tags
吊牌点胶 Suspension dispensing is not only a luggage tag, but also a lot of suspension tags, but visual dispensing machine is the most used one, because visual positioning dispensing technology can identify product quality, does not need manual product movement, such dispensing technology, will speed up dispensing effect, more important thing, dispensing quality, No. When touched manually, the problem of dispensing with hanging tags will not occur, and the use of PVC glue will be more complete. This is the PVC visual dispensing machine. The high quality of dispensing with hanging tags in luggage is due to the performance of dispensing accessories.
吊牌点胶 Choosing which dispensing equipment can improve the qualified rate of hanging tag dispensing is not visual dispensing. It needn't be said that the use of PVB glue for luggage hanging tag dispensing and the use of targeted PVC visual dispensing machine will be better. This is a dispensing equipment specially produced for it. You have a need for this industry, you can consult the official network, you can also call the hotline 13662812001.

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