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Before viscosing handicraft products, the gantry dispenser n

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Have you ever used gantry dispenser for viscose handicraft products? The new dispensing technology accelerates the production speed. Crafts have a high demand for the quality of dispensing. What is a handicraft is that it has a nearly perfect aesthetic feeling so that it can be used as a handicraft. Then its viscose is more demanding and can't have a little problem. This will especially affect the sales of handicraft products.
Handicraft coating
Glue curing time is a need to grasp the time point, because glue has a certain fluidity, so it is easy to lead to glue overflow, resulting in poor viscose effect of handicraft products. For example, handicraft needs to use glass gluing technology, so this machine must have coating technology, otherwise it can not meet the needs. Technical core requirements, in the design of gantry crystal glue machine, such factors should be taken into account. In the production of gantry crystal glue machine, we have designed dispensing accessories and dispensing effect.
Glass cement
点胶机 Glass gluing technology can be used for dispensing machine, but the gantry crystal gluing machine has a large size, so how can it discharge multiple products and apply gluing at one time without affecting the replacement of products with each handicraft, so the work efficiency is still a little slow, in order to reduce such similar things. Using large workbench as the preferred equipment for production, viscose handicraft is not a simple matter.
工艺品点胶 The gantry-type crystal glue-coating machine is applied to the viscose of handicraft products. We have tried many times and wasted a lot of resources for this purpose, but also because it has been applied in the industry. There will be reasonable arrangements for glass glue-coating technology and setting the curing time of glue. These small things, mainly the quality of glue-coating, have been done in this respect. In many experiments, the minimum coating thickness can reach 1 mm.

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