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Precision dispensing machine is needed for mobile dispensing

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Mobile dispensing technology requires high precision. Precision dispensing machine is used in dispensing. The dispensing of precision dispensing machine is up to the high standard.
Our medium-sized precision dispensing machine has visual dispensing machine and intelligent visual dispensing machine. The dispensing process of these two dispensing machines is relatively high, so we can rest assured when dispensing with mobile phones.
The development of mobile phone industry is getting better and better, and the demand for mobile phone dispensing technology is getting higher and higher. When we choose precision dispensing machine, we must choose visual dispensing machine.
Precision dispensing machine has many advantages, such as high dispensing speed, not affected by the dispensing environment, high dispensing accuracy, and can ensure the quality of dispensing. And the scope of application of glue is relatively wide, such as silica gel, shadow-free glue, epoxy glue, crystal glue, etc., these are more suitable, not only can dispense glue, but also can be used for various paint, ink pigments spraying. The vomiting frequency was 1000 times per minute and the minimum vomiting volume was 0.1 ml. Moreover, the operation of precise dispensing machine is very convenient. The staff can learn easily and start quickly.
The performance of automatic dispensing machine is similar to that of visual dispensing machine, but its precision is slightly lower than that of visual dispensing machine. The operation of automatic dispensing machine is the same as that of visual dispensing machine, but the dispensing accuracy is different.
Precision dispensing machine can be used not only in mobile dispensing technology industry, but also in other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, LED, camera, mobile phone, computer, navigation, air transportation, etc. In recent years, it is also used on medical devices especially, because it can accurately place glue and spray.

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