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Applying power supply glue to power supply glue, the right c

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The industry applied to power supply glue filling is generally the glue filling of electronic components, automobile circuit boards and various power sources. The price of products requiring power supply glue filling is generally higher. Once there are any errors and omissions in the glue filling process, serious problems will arise in the quality of products. We are applying power supply glue filling for power supply glue filling. When gluing, how to choose the right machine? Let me lead you to understand.
First, we need to know what the power supply glue is: the power supply glue is a mixture of two-component glue, according to the different proportion of A and B liquid to mix. Power filling glue has the characteristics of low viscosity and high insulation, and generally has high thermal conductivity. Therefore, when power filling, power filling glue will be used. Power filling glue meets the requirements of heat dissipation and insulation. In this case, we can choose a two-component glue filling machine, the two-component glue filling machine can be used in conjunction with a special two-liquid glue filling valve.
The power supply glue filling machine is two-component glue filling machine: general power supply glue filling machine, we can choose two-component glue filling machine. Two-component glue filling machine is automatically divided according to the characteristics of glue. Two kinds of glue are mixed to produce glue, which fully realizes the automatic operation and has the characteristics of high efficiency in workshop assembly line production.
The characteristics of two-component glue-filling machine: two-component glue-filling machine automatically mixes the two kinds of glue evenly, which can greatly save labor costs and improve the efficiency of power supply glue-filling. Let the product be corrosive to any metal after solidification and have excellent insulation performance.
Application field of two-component glue-filling machine: two-component glue-filling machine can be used not only in power supply glue-filling, but also in other aspects of filling, such as plastic, glass, transformer, etc. These are all two-component glue-filling machine can be used.

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