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Jet dispensing is a good machine if you color the watch chai

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There are many high-end watches, will require fine coloring, chain coloring is a relatively high technology, manual coloring is almost difficult to do meticulous, if the export chain, color requirements will be more high standards, we can choose jet dispensing machine, some people may think that dispensing machine can only be used for points. But now the dispensing machine industry is developing very fast, and more and more enterprises are designing and developing dispensing machines. Some dispensing machines have been able to color the watch chain, that is, jet dispensing machines.
视觉全自动点胶 The advantages of spray dispensing machine used in chain coloring are that spray dispensing machine has the advantages of uniform dispensing, sharp breakage and no wire drawing. The accessories are high-end parts, which are durable. The spray dispensing machine adopts visual data panel boxes. The data is clear and the visualization is convenient. The workshop operators can learn it easily. When colouring the watch chain, the use of jet dispensing greatly improves the production efficiency, and can avoid manual errors leading to colouring errors.
The parameters of spray dispenser:
Supply voltage: 220V
Power 350W
Vomiting time regulation: 0.1S
Frequency of vomiting: 1200 times per minute
Minimum vomiting volume: 0.01ml
In addition to the color of the watch chain, it can also be applied to areas: spray dispensing machine can be applied to other areas besides the color of the watch chain, because it can not only spray paint, but also dispensing ink, silica gel, UV gel, red gel, epoxy resin, and so on. So in other fields, such as household appliances, crafts, coating of automobile machinery parts, machine tool control, etc., jet dispensing machine is often used.

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