How to design a high speed gluing machine that meets the req

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The design of high-speed glue dispensing machine is mainly based on the requirements of industry dispensing. First of all, we need to know the specifications of dispensing products, dispensing requirements, production speed requirements, types of glue used and production methods. According to these requirements, we can design a high-speed glue dispensing machine that meets the requirements. These conditions are indispensable. Without one, we can not dispensing, or dispensing will have defects. It's not going to be very good to produce.
Machine designed according to five requirements for dispensing glue
For example: automotive stamping parts spray paint, design a dispensing machine for this industry, according to the five conditions given above, first, dispensing product specifications, automotive stamping parts are not very large, then the machine platform can be designed a little smaller, second, dispensing requirements, automotive stamping parts spray paint in an all-round way, dispensing requirements are high; third, production speed requirements, automotive stamping parts belong to. In low price, high sales products; Fourth, use glue type, use low concentration paint dispensing, need to use sealed dispensing valve; Fifth, production mode, which dispensing mode can quickly complete dispensing task.
Machine for spraying paint on automotive stamping parts
According to these five points, we design a high-speed glue dispensing machine and produce a high-speed glue dispensing machine. It is a high-speed dispensing machine that can spray technology accurately. The imported dispensing valve is used as glue control valve. This dispensing valve has low-viscosity glue, good sealability and dispensing accuracy. It is a spray-painting equipment which is very suitable for automobile stamping parts. This is according to the production requirements of the industry. The designed dispensing machine can meet better dispensing requirements.
Performance of imported dispensing valve
电子元件点胶 Imported dispensing valves are excellent in dispensing speed and control accuracy. The dispensing speed can be 1000mm/s, twice as fast as ordinary dispensing valves, or dispensing by injection. Therefore, they have good effect in dispensing control. Generally, dispensing is uneven, or dispensing problems will occur. At present, the imported dispensing valves sold in China are tens of thousands of pieces, so a high-end dispensing valve is available. High-speed dispensers are also expensive.
Our medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer can design high-speed dispensing machine, not limited to automotive stamping parts spray painting industry, other types of industries can also be produced, various types of dispensing machine equipment, welcome your arrival.

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