Main Application Situation and Glue Characteristics of Silic

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As the name implies, the type of glue used in this silica gel coating machine is silica gel. The equipment developed on the basis of the structure of three-axis glue coating machine has the most basic three-axis linkage motion function and the function of using silica gel. It can easily and simply realize the movement of different positions in space, and better solve the method of decomposing silica gel coating water. The silica gel coating machine produced by the intermediate system is uniform in dispensing. The basic structure is mechanical mobile platform and dispensing control system. The precise mobile position structure and good glue control system constitute the standard. Three-axis silica gel automatic glue equipment.
In fact, glue properties largely determine the choice of some accessories for dispensing equipment. Different glue has different accessories. Like hot melt glue, hot melt glue dispensing valves made of special materials must be used to store glue. This can raise glue temperature, melt solid hot melt glue, and then proceed. Size dispensing and silica gel are also common glue. Viscosity and density are the direct factors that directly affect the selection of the core accessories of the coater equipment. The neutral system reminds you that if you do not choose the equipment or accessories correctly, it will cause huge waste and the service life of the equipment is very low.
The application of fully automatic silica gel coating machine is mainly in the electronics industry and lighting industry. Most industries which have a close relationship with our life are directly applied to dispensing equipment. Because of the universality of silica gel, many articles in our life can be directly completed through silica gel coating machine. Now silica gel solutions are being processed and installed in factories. Wiring is becoming more and more mature. If you want to know more about silica gel dispensing equipment, you can visit Medium-sized Automation Equipment Company.

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