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As a machine with better performance of dispensing equipment, the floor-type visual dispensing machine can meet the dispensing requirements of dispensing appliances with various types of products. For example, the screen sealing of mobile phones nowadays .

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Double liquid rubber injection machine is a equipment with vacuum dispensing technology, is to be able to put products into the vacuum, then in dispensing, some need to be sterile environment can be used in the production of products to the double liquid .

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Ground-type double Y-axis visual dispensing machine makes a dispensing equipment with visual dispensing function. At present, it needs high precision and fast dispensing technology. It basically uses visual dispensing machine. This machine can complete di.

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Fully automatic visual dispensing machine realizes the high-tech manifestation of dispensing industry. At present, how dispensing industry can use visual dispensing machine for dispensing, and visual dispensing machine can match the assembly line for disp.

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Xiaobian briefly introduces to you the jet dispensing machine produced by our mid-system. Our mid-system has many years of experience in producing visual dispensing machine, advanced machine production technology, can produce the required equipment accord.

发布者:吴交易 时间:2019-03-02 阅读量:2599

Jet technology needs to be combined with spray dispensing valve to achieve, and the multi-functional spray machine we will introduce next is a very advanced dispensing equipment, which will be different from the dispensing machine used in the past. What i.

发布者:吴交易 时间:2019-06-03 阅读量:2570

Ornaments, crystal stickers, sign dispensing will be used in automatic dispensing machine, not a general desktop machine, but with visual function of crystal dispensing machine, is a machine that can use crystal glue and visual automatic dispensing functi.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-11-13 阅读量:2471

Visual intelligent dispensing machine can realize visual positioning and full automation dispensing. It has super high dispensing control technology. It belongs to one of the highest dispensing equipments in China. It will not produce in large quantities..

发布者:吴交易 时间:2019-03-08 阅读量:2375

Ignition module dispensing machine is also a standard type of dispensing equipment, the purchase cost is not very high, a standard two-station four-axis dispensing machine price is 245, which is a relatively cheap price, but it can simultaneously carry ou.

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Visual automatic dispensing machine type dispensing equipment has a variety of types, of which online automatic spraying machine is the machine type to focus on the following. It belongs to a high-precision dispensing equipment, mainly used in high-end di.

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