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The visual feature is it dispensing machine screw screw dispensing valve and visual dispensing system, screw dispensing valve is a high-end double liquid dispensing valve, which can meet the double liquid glue mixing ratio of 1:1 to 10:1, without glue sup.

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Automotive industry has always been one of the hot industries in the application of automatic glue coating machine, such as: automobile stamping parts spraying, motorcycle igniter spraying, automobile PCB board spraying, LED lamp spraying and so on. There.

发布者:Ccd visual automatic 时间:2019-03-07 阅读量:2014

Ccd visual automatic dispensing machine is one of the most advanced dispensing equipment types in dispensing industry at present. By using imported high-definition digital camera + dispensing control system, combined with our technology of manufacturing j.

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Epoxy sealant dispensing machine is a dispensing equipment which can use epoxy glue. It uses double Y-axis design concept to produce, which is equivalent to two products at the same time, so as to reduce the conflict time between products. Moreover, the e.

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Guide: The main feature of four-position glue dispenser is Y-axis. Usually desktop dispenser is a Y-axis, and this device has four Y-axis, which means that four products can be placed at the same time. Generally desktop dispenser needs manual assistant di.

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Desktop foam dispensing machine belongs to a relatively exclusive type of dispensing equipment. This machine is developed for foaming rubber. It can solve the problem of high concentration foam adhesive bonding. The Foam Gel foams after dispensing and the.

发布者:吴交易 时间:2018-12-14 阅读量:1133

Guidance: The gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine is a non-standard type machine. Generally, dispensing machines larger than 551 are basically defined as non-standard machines. The advantage of non-standard machines is that they can design t.

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Industrial dispensing of LED lamp tube can use double-headed lamp with dispensing machine...

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Desktop visual dispensing machine is one of the best types of small dispensing equipment. It does not have the bulkiness of large dispensing equipment, but has dispensing technology of large dispensing equipment. It can still meet the needs of production,.

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Large Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is now the most popular dispensing equipment, can be used in the PCB board, LED lamp, mobile phone industry, especially in the PCB application has a great achievement in other industries is relatively mature.

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