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The function of Longmen large-scale automatic dispensing machine is complete, can be used in the industry more, and collocation vision automatic dispensing system, for dispensing in more industries, is a more powerful dispensing equipment, in fact, from t.

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The large high-speed injection type visual dispenser is a good dispensing equipment, equipped with visual system, which can improve the production effect, especially in the industry of high-precision and mass production. The main applications of large hig.

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Mobile phone is from known things, the number of mobile phone production per year has reached billions of units, mobile phone shell needs a large number of mobile phone shell production has also become a hot industry at present, but the production process.

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Is a large floor type dispensing equipment, with strong functions, mainly to the diversification of products production enterprises should, in many industries are using the floor type visual automatic dispensing machine, such as mobile phon...

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-01-19 阅读量:183

The base station box is a kind of application of radiation transfer tower, cable, WeiXing Railway Station, as long as related to the emission of the signal basically are required to use the base box, this product is also a large multi axis dispensing ...

发布者:小师妹 时间:2017-11-10 阅读量:181

Now it is no longer three axis automatic dispensing machine of the world, different types of automatic dispensing machine haveemerged, large multi axis automatic dispensing machine is one of them, also has a great progress in dispensing tec...

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-03-07 阅读量:178

The voltage for multi axis automatic dispensing machine main production equipment of transformer, transformer surrounding for dispensing work, the need for the need for dispensing around fixed or sealing tape, can use automatic dispenser for dispensing, t.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-10-09 阅读量:173

Two-component dispensing machine is a very common dispensing equipment on the market, mainly using dual-component and mixed glue machine, can achieve dispensing accuracy is not high, demand by dispensing needle control dispensing accuracy, so can not ...

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-02-26 阅读量:154

TP refers to the mobile phone touch screen frame, now mobile phone substrate production are using the touch screen, coupled with the mobile phone dispensing process is now needs very precise dispensing technology, dispensing equipment is generally unable .

发布者:马交易 时间:2017-12-15 阅读量:146

The visual automatic dispensing machine is a kind of visual dispensing machine, but this dispenser is also a small dispensing machine, which is different from other visual dispensers, with less floor space. Of course, there is no large visual automati...

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