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发布者:小师妹 时间:2017-11-10 阅读量:145

Large double liquid automatic dispensing machine is a popular device, because it can dispense tasks in the LED industry and the mobile phone industry, these are now the Chaoyang industry, dispensing or need more, so this can be regarded as...

发布者:小刘 时间:2018-02-05 阅读量:145

Large object is generally used for artificial glue dispensing, but some items need to draw graphics, the use of artificial dispensing technology may not reach the requirements, because the high-end market began to pursue with exquisite patt...

发布者:马交易 时间:2017-11-23 阅读量:144

At present the production of various industries in China is moving towards the development of automated production line, automatic production line of high quality is an important index of production manufacturers are pursuing, large-scale vision dispensin.

发布者:小师妹 时间:2017-11-10 阅读量:137

In the field of industrial production, to achieve automatic dispensing machine vision positioning is undoubtedly the dispensing equipment of the needs of users, through the visual positioning of the gluing effect is more uniform and complet...

发布者:吴交易 时间:2018-09-18 阅读量:135

Multi-axis precision dispensing machine can be equipped with multi-handle dispensing valves. This multi-axis dispensing machine can greatly improve dispensing efficiency and production output in the process of dispensing and packaging products. It is suit.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-09-25 阅读量:126

PVC glue has good working advantages in sealing, heat resistance, adhesive performance and so on. PVC visual dispensing machine will be used to dispensing production in the dispensing links of mobile phone wiring. Precision. Visual positioning and dispens.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-01-02 阅读量:125

Desktop type precision automatic dispensing machine is a genus of two dispensing equipment in the market, the most top technology crafted, able to control the amount of glue glue, can also control the second unit of time can be better glue, use glue and g.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-10-22 阅读量:123

The performance of toy dispensing machine is directly related to the industry. It is a dispensing machine mainly developed according to the spray type on the toy surface and toy dispensing. The Chinese-made production machines are basically customized acc.

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-01-19 阅读量:120

One of the commonly used equipment for multi axis automatic dispensing machine and electronic industry, multi axis means there are two or more needles, are generally used for point to point or line to the line of work, such as circle and arc, these ar...

发布者:小师妹 时间:2017-11-10 阅读量:115

LED automatic dispensing machine is for dispensing machine products R D and production, has a very high dispensing technology in LED lighting industry, dispensing basic problems can be solved, this is related to the performance of LED autom...

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