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Non-standard production is to manufacture dispensing machine according to the production needs of the industry, which can better dispensing production oh! We can find our customized visual non-punctuation AB dispensing machine, more in line with the needs.

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Medium-sized automatic equipment is one of the manufacturers of dispensing machines in Shenzhen. It has rich experience in self-development and self-production of automatic dispensing machines. It is committed to solving the problems in the production of .

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Desktop glue dispenser is a kind of three-axis dispensing machine manufactured in China. It belongs to the standard machine, also known as 221 dispensing machine. After being used in some relatively simple industries, such as WiFi box coating, letter mosa.

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The dispensing equipment with visual system belongs to high-end dispensing machine. The visual system is equivalent to giving the machine a pair of eyes, tirelessly in machine production, can achieve autonomous work, no longer need manual auxiliary produc.

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The visual range of spray application of automatic dispensing machine is widely used, with the dispensing technology have a great relationship, determines the quality of dispensing dispensing technology, but also determines the quality of the product, for.

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The battery box is a storage management and use of the tool, by placing the batteries in the battery box, providing equipment as power, the practical application is very important in the production of battery box needs to be applied to the dispensing proc.

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Desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is a smaller version of the large automatic dispensing machine, not only has the characteristics of large dispensing machine, also with a small device, belonging to a comprehensive type dispensing machine, appli.

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Jet dispensing machine online customization is made according to the needs of enterprises, the use of appropriate accessories, appropriate precision, the appropriate height, make production technology closer to the requirements of production, to ensur...

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Crystal glue coating machine is basically made of gantry structure, also known as gantry crystal glue coating machine, the use of the industry is relatively large, the need for more glue, just like the crystal album dripping glue and glass glue, are relat.

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the manual production speed has not kept up with the production speed required by the manufacturers. Now more and more factory owners choose to use the full-automatic glue filling machine, so do you kn.

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