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Jet dispensing machine is also called non-contact dispensing machine, this machine uses dispensing machine parts before dispensing dispensing is not the same, this special glue method has more advantages than the traditional work contact dispensing, coati.

Do you know the importance of the double hole dispensing controller? I dont know if youve heard of this equipment. Its the air pressure control device of our common glue applicator. Now many manufacturers use glue applicator, so if there is no double hole.

Friends who have used glue machines should know that whether they use manual glue machines or automatic glue, it is difficult to avoid the problem of glue coating. Of course, some automatic glue machines do well in cable glue filling. In fact, there are m.

Now some manufacturers use viscosity glue, so what kind of dispensing valve does high viscosity glue need? It is recommended to use the silicone dispensing valve made in China. Detailed parameters of silicone dispensing valve This is a customized dispensi.

Toughened film production using automatic dispensing machine, is already a common dispensing scene, as the pace of development of the mobile phone market is very good, the annual sales volume is reached hundreds of millions more, led to the development of.

In recent years, the dispensing method is changing from contact to non-contact. Some foreign companies have begun to study this and then launch their own products. Let's introduce ceramic spray valve to you....

The current manufacturing industry needs to be applied to visual automatic dispensing machine to place more, mainly responsible for the packaging or dispensing docking work into visual positioning to achieve high quality automatic dispensing...

There are many differences between the spray dispenser and dispensing machine the new spray process can be used in many industries, whether it is the splicing small products with high precision and large packaging products can be accomplished through jet .

Dispensing valve as an important parts of dispensing equipment, plays a role in the dispensing process, put the glue into the barrel pressure, pressure of compressed air into the barrel, the glue pressed and the cylinder connected to the feed tube, throug.

Desktop automatic dispensing machine accessories use will affect the effect of dispensing, dispensing quality is based on the use of accessories and the production process has a direct relationship, the higher the application of industry needs more diffic.

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