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The dispensing valve is one of the important parts of automatic dispensing, dispensing valve type selection is particularly important, not to be able to choose a dispensing valve installed in the automatic dispensing machine, will not only affect the ...

Pneumatic jet valve is a rubber injection system suitable for polyurethane hot melt adhesive. The application of non-contact high-speed precision dispensing in pneumatic jet valve is relatively prominent. The width of injection point or injection line...

The dispensing valve can be divided into two ways, one is non - contact type of glue valve, the other is contact type glue valve. The non contact type of glue valve is mainly the injection valve, and the contact type glue valve is more common. The injecti.

The production efficiency of dispenser is up to the expected requirement, which has many relations with the composition of the spray type multi spindle dispenser. The components of dispenser are accessories and systems, whether it is using automatic dispe.

Automatic dispensing machine application range is very wide, but also on the chip in addition to other small objects outside the dispensing package for dispensing butt on some large objects, so very strong practical aspects of market sales v...

Jet dispensing has been reflected in the spray machine, in fact as long as the automatic dispensing machine loading injection valve and spray head can achieve a large area of dispensing work, spraying in the industrial production more pract...

What is the compound dispensing valve? Spring is able to move back and forth, can continue to carry out glue output, this is the double-action dispensing valve, with super continuous dispensing function, but also the effect of rapid back-suction, this is .

Automatic dispensing machine using injection valve is the most popular in recent years in a super high speed dispensing and has precise dispensing, this is to open up new world for dispensing, dispensing technology further, to the applicatio...

In order to fit in with the high performance of visual dispenser, the CCD visual control device we use is manufactured by German technology. The German manufacturer has high product concentration and high quality of CCD visual control device. We purchased.

The voltage regulator belongs to electronic products, the use of a relatively wide range in some electronic devices, power plants, indoor distribution and other products are used in the production process of voltage transformer, which can be used to volta.

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