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As for the new dispensing equipment, the online spray multi axis dispensing machine must have many different components. These accessories are the most important parts of dispensing machine. No matter which dispensing machine is the same, the components a.

The voltage for multi axis automatic dispensing machine is for some to the voltage control device of dispensing process, such as electromagnetism furnace transformer, voltage regulator voltage regulator in the computer, the battery voltage and the voltage.

The dispensing valve visual automatic dispensing machine is a unique custom, the circulation work valve automatic dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the processing of glue dispensing work, the dispensing valve after the treatment...

Precision automatic dispensing machine has good dispensing technology, many industries are using this as a dispenser dispensing equipment, precision and speed is a leader in dispensing machine, glue machine has the right, we need to ensure the daily opera.

Desktop glue machine can also be called the desktop glue machine, the model is relatively small, it is more convenient to place, and there are more parts in the tabletop glue machine. In addition to ensuring the quality of the product, the camera module c.

Jet dispensing machine is also called non-contact jet dispensing machine, glue machine glue effect have more advantages than the traditional contact methods, the glue area wider and more comprehensive, and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of .

Flexible needle is a kind of plastic needle. It has a special point. It is made of PP flexible material. It has good non-sticky function and does not harm the product. It belongs to a kind of commonly used dispensing needle. It can bring benefits to manuf.

Dispensing technology is an important technology in manufacturing industry is essential, through the dispensing can effectively improve the quality and value of semi-finished products, whether it is used in bonding or packaging work has to be applied to t.

Choose the right accessories, first of all, we must know which type of dispensing machine for the needs of accessories, such as AB dispensing drum does not meet the use of spray dispensing machine, must choose, which can not complete dispensing task, this.

The camera module dispensing machine is a very high-end device, which has a great relationship with the dispensing accessories. It is also because these accessories only achieve "camera dispensing machine". There are many different dispensing equipment in.

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