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Hot melt adhesives are widely used. Although the requirements for use are relatively high, they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, well sealed, waterproof and so on. They can be widely used. Mobile phones, electronics, bottle caps, aviation, medical.



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Sealing technology here refers to the spray dispensing machine dispensing technology, which technology can meet the needs of modern automated production? It is certain that the injection equipment with high-end dispensing technology can meet the sealing r.



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Battery industry is one of the most widely used industries of three-axis dispensing machine. It can use many types of automatic dispensing machine. It mainly depends on the requirements of glue and glue quantity and the size of batteries. It also needs th.



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Battery cover glue is mainly used in the electronic industry, such as mobile phones, computers, toy cars and so on. Batteries need to be glued to ensure that the battery is not affected by external factors, and the glued batteries can also heat, to ensure.



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What does sole gluing have to do with the use of an automatic gluing machine? In fact, the improvement of realizable production technology has been gradually applied in various industries. One of them is sole dispensing. Double-head spraying machine can b.



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Carbon steel pressure drum is a popular product in the dispensing market. It can store a large amount of glue. It can let the automatic dispensing machine carry out continuous dispensing task and achieve better dispensing function. Let Xiaobian introduce .



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Glue property is one of the main factors that decide whether or not it can be applied in this industry. The hot melt adhesive is non-toxic and harmless glue, and has good adhesion. Many products in the market will choose hot melt adhesive for dispensing. .



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The main function of glue coating for toy car tracker is to put water to drink and seal. When the electronic parts encounter water, the internal parts will not work properly. Often after glue coating, water can be prevented from entering the tracker, whic.



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In the dispensing industry, the dispensing needle barrel is the simplest, there is not much need to pay attention to, knitting is simply about the use of various types of dispensing needle barrel, the current production of several dispensing needle barrel.



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Glue filling is a kind of technology that can be realized by automatic dispensing machine. In order to fix and not affect the appearance, some industries will leave gaps and fill glue to achieve the device of bonding and fixing, which will not affect the .

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